Dear Valuable Customers
We would like to draw you attention to that our company Shiffa Plaster do not make or sell any Of the Covid 19 fighting items ( face masks- Gloves- hand sanitizers)
Please consider all contacts in this regarde as a SPAM
Keep safe
السادة الزبائن المحترمين
  نود أن نلفت انتباهكم إلى أن شركتنا شفاء بلاستر لا تصنع أو تبيع أي من منتجات الحماية من Covid 19 (أقنعة الوجه - القفازات - المطهرات اليدوية)   يرجى اعتبار جميع جهات الاتصال في هذا الصدد بمثابة رسائل وهمية احتيالية .
ابقوا امنين

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Welcome to Shiffa Plaster Company 

“Shiffa” was established in 1989, with the latest production technology of medical plaster. In 1998 '' Shiffa '' establishment started to produce Hair Removal & Skin Care products under the brand name '' Body Neet ''. 
The factory is located in Aleppo – Syria on six thousands square meters of land, and eighty of skilled workers and employees with the highest technical and managing qualifications.